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Fire Safety & Disabled Access Certificates


A Fire Safety Certificate is a certificate issued by the Building Control Authority which states that the works or building to which the application relates will, if constructed in accordance with the plans and specifications submitted, comply with the requirements of Part B of the Second Schedule to the Building Regulations 1997.

Developments that require a Fire Safety Certificate .

The following developments (other than those listed as exempt below) require a Fire Safety Certificate;

  • Works in connection with the design and construction of a new building
  • Works in connection with the material alteration of:
    1. A day centre
    2. A building containing a flat
    3. A hotel, hostel or guest building
    4. An institutional building
    5. A place of assembly
    6. A shopping centre
  • Works in connection with the material alteration of a shop, office or industrial building where additional floor area is being provided within the existing building or where the building is being sub divided into a number of units for separate occupancy.
  • Works in connection with the extension of a building by more than 25 square metres
  • A building as regards which a material change of use takes place.

Developments that are exempt from the requirement of a Fire Safety Certificate .

The following buildings are exempted from the requirement to obtain a Fire Safety Certificate:

  • Certain single storey agricultural buildings.
  • A building used as a dwelling other than a flat.
  • A single storey domestic garage.
  • A single storey building ancillary to a dwelling which is used exclusively for recreational or storage purposes or the keeping of plants, birds or animals for domestic purposes and is not used for any trade or business or for human habitation.
  • Works by a Building Control Authority in it’s functional area.
  • Works in connection with a Garda station, a courthouse, a barracks and certain government buildings.


A Disability Access Certificate is a certificate granted by a Building Control Authority which certifies compliance of the design of certain works (e.g. new buildings (except dwelling houses), some extensions to, and some material alterations to buildings (except dwelling houses) with the requirements of Part M of the Building Control Regulations.

A  Disability Access Certificate is required in respect of works to buildings other than dwellings (but including apartment buildings), in so far as the Requirements of Part M apply and which commence or take place on or after 1st January 2010. Where a Fire Safety Certificate is required for any works, a Disability Access Certificate is also required.

Our range of services includes:

  • Internal and external building layout design.
  • Specification and assessment of internal, and external construction materials and finishes to control fire spread.
  • Preparation and submission of fire certificate applications, including fully detailed drawings and compliance reports in accordance with relevant Building Regulations and Design Standards.
  • Production of contract drawings and bills of quantities.
  • Construction support and supervision of remedial works if required.

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